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Vaping is the New Resource for Smokers

Smoking cigarettes can be expensive and is very bad for the health. Studies have shown the cancer links and the many chemicals contained in a cigarette or the pack or two typically smoked in a day by each smoker. However, the habit is more than chemicals and cost. People find themselves comforted by the feel of the cigarette in their hand or mouth and the routine they have created with these “cancer sticks.” Even for those who want to quit, the task is hard to accomplish.

There have been many methods introduced over the years to help someone who is addicted to smoking. There is a gum, a patch, many different techniques to quit, including hypnosis. There are therapies and coaches and even a medication now that helps you decrease your craving and actually makes you sick to your stomach when you smoke a cigarette while taking the drug.

All of these methods were introduced with the intent of helping the smoker get away from a bad habit, increase their health and decrease the risk of cancer. Throat cancer is not a fun experience, as many previous smokers can tell you. Smoking also increases your risk for heart disease, stroke and danger complications that can lead to death at an early age.

A new concept has spread through the market in recent years. That concept is vaping, or using a mechanical device to inhale water vapor, with nicotine and flavoring. That trend has gained popularity and had a great side benefit: it is a healthier alternative to smoking and has helped many people decrease their addiction to nicotine and quit altogether.

Concerns have arisen that this is more dangerous than smoking, since you are inhaling water vapor, which can cause illness, and it is said to contain more chemicals than smoking cigarettes. However, that is not the case. Legitimate studies and information sources have shown the concerns to be ill-advised and not sufficiently researched. While no habit involving nicotine is ideal since nicotine is a substance that results in addiction, people who vape have better health and less chance of cancer than those that smoke cigarettes. Therefore, this habit is one that can be a benefit to long-term smokers that need a different way to try to quit.