Natural Mosquito Repellents

Something that is a little bothersome about the summer are the mosquitoes. These little critters don’t only bother you with their noise, but they bite and leave itchy bumps, and sometimes transmit certain diseases, some of which can be deadly.

Therefore, it is better to be prepared. Here we present you a list of natural alternatives to combat these insects. You can learn more about these options and you will have the necessary weapons to give them a good battle.

• Cloves

This is possibly one of the most effective remedies. You will need shampoo for babies, 25 or 30 cloves, and about a liter of water. Mix the cloves and water, and then strain it into the shampoo. Apply on the skin areas that are exposed to insects.

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• Eucalyptus

Start with 200-275 grams of eucalyptus leaves. Put the leaves and about a liter of water to boil for 45 minutes. While hot, pour into damp areas of the house and into the frames of the doors and windows. That way you will get mosquitoes out of your house.

• Chamomile

You’ll need 200-275 grams of chamomile flowers and some water. You have to wash it very well, and then rub it on to the skin. You’ll have to repeat this every few hours for it to be effective.

• Almond

This repellent is the best for children because it is mild. Babies and children are the mosquitoes’ preferred victims because they can’t defend their skin easily. The ingredients are 80-120 ml almond oil, 19-20 drops of basil essence, and 18-22 drops of geranium essence. Mix all three before applying to your body.

• Citronella

This is also one of the most effective elements that repels insects. You can obtain this as a candle, as a spray or a lotion and apply it on yourself to keep insects from bothering you.